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A tradition of excellence

Col Neate commenced Neater Homes in 1982 with a desire to build homes which were better designed for our North Queensland climate, incorporating lots of cross flow ventilation, spacious living areas and alfresco entertainment areas. The home designs are exceptional, winning many awards for being exclusively adapted to the North Australian lifestyle. Col’s view is that every home in North Queensland should be a showpiece of contemporary, subtropical living with a layout incorporating a number of environmental factors that make the most of Northern Australia’s tropical climate. Everyone at Neater Homes believes that a home should be well thought-out for the family that lives there and above all, functional.

Col tastefully designs areas which create an atmosphere and he is passionate to see the outcome of his and his teams efforts. When he started the company in the early 80s, the project building industry in Cairns was in its infancy. Most homes were small, mass produced and poorly designed. Col preferred a different approach. He listened to what his clients really wanted. Many project builders like to sell their plans ‘off the shelf’, and many architects like to promote their own ideas and vision. However sometimes a house plan is inappropriate for an allotment, or it doesn’t fit what people imagined they were looking for. Unfortunately, many will go along with it and inevitably the result is a design that exceeds their budget and doesn’t resemble their dream home expectations. In other words, unhappy clients.

Listen and learn, that’s Col’s secret at Neater.

The first thing Col does when he sits down with you as a new client, is asks what you are typically looking for. He’ll find out if you prefer a king size bed in the master, if the kids need room for a desk in their bedroom. He’ll ask about your furniture. The pieces you can’t live without and the new pieces you’d like to include. He gets you to talk about the way you live and the spaces you need. Designing and building a new home that truly meets your needs is ultimately Col’s driving force. Knowing that he’s met your brief and you’re happy with the outcome is immensely satisfying. Knowing that he’s building a relationship that will continue with your next house and the one after that is his true focus.

custom home builder cairns

“long after the price is forgotten, the quality remains”

Quality Policy Statement

With three generations of residential building experience, we have discovered the best way to run a healthy and prosperous building company, where clients want to come back time after time. Our previous projects are an example of the companies’ ongoing commitment to quality. This is reflected by the glowing testimonials provided by past clients in our testimonials section.

An important part of customer care is the relationship we build with you, before, during and after the construction of your new home. We’re with you every step of the way starting with your initial consultation with our licensed Builder Col Neate and our architectural building designer. Both have extensive experience within the housing and construction industry. Both will take time to discuss and learn exactly what it is you require in your home and they will help you select suitable design features which will complement and satisfy your needs as well as the geographical location of your property.